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Wholesale ARV Calculator

This handy calculator will give you an idea of your numbers, but if you really want to dial it in, check out Rehab Valuator. Rehab Valuator is hands down our favorite tool. It doesn’t matter if you are a wholesaler, an end buyer, builder or any other real estate professional, Rehab Valuator is a complete software solution that will 10x your business. You can quickly and easily see real estate comps, owner and mortgage information, calculate MAO, and gain insights into rehab costs so that you can truly understand if it’s a deal or no deal. 


Wholesaler's Calculation


Wholesalers, STOP! You are paying TOO much for your deals! Now before you fire off that hate mail, let me explain. I know that some of you are moving deals all day long at 80%-82% of ARV, and that’s great. You may have a good buyer list or people that you work with that can turn a profit in your market at those numbers, but that should be the exception and not the rule. I talk to investors every day and they are tightening down their buying criteria. 

Investors will eat up deals that are 70%-75% of ARV all in ALL day long! This means that you have to crunch your numbers before you ever even pick up the phone to call your motivated seller. It will take a little more time, but the payout will be worth it. 

Now, let’s talk about the 70% rule. The 70% rule is a basic quick calculation to determine what the maximum price you should offer on a property should be. This calculation is made by multiplying the after repaired value (“ARV”) by 70% and then subtracting any repairs needed. This gives you a 30% margin to cover your profit, holding costs & closing costs.  Many experienced investors tighten this number up to being 75%. 

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Rehab Calculator Cheat Sheet

This table can provide a rough estimate on what rehab costs might look like. This is in no way meant to represent your rehab costs, rather a guide to help get you started. You’ll want to consider the labor costs and materials in your area.

Light: Condition with only paint or simple exterior cleanup needed to improve curb appeal.
Medium: May need new fixtures (plumbing and light), new tile, new tub/shower, new sinks, new paint and more. Windows and doors may also need complete replacement due to age or functionality issues.
Heavy: This is the all-in rehab where you look at everything from the “light” and “medium” levels to throwing in major items, such as foundation repair, roof replacement, replacement of appliances such as AC/Furnace, and door and window replacement.

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