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We specialize in connecting real estate investors, verifying all deal information, analyzing deals, taking the deal through title, and funding. We will align available properties with your investment strategy. We'll work with you and do the dirty work so you can do the work you love.

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Whether you are wholesaling or buying, we will put our team to work for you. From leading edge deal analysis and marketing presentations, to the complete verification of deals that you are interested in. To get started simply register FREE here →
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Pretty simple really. We don’t like to over complicate things. Our company has honed our marketing to a point where we’re pretty darn good at it. We find and acquire discounted real estate then make those properties available to you at DEEPLY discounted prices from current market value.

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Rehab Calculator Cheat Sheet

This table can provide a rough estimate on what rehab costs might look like. This is in no way meant to represent your rehab costs, rather a guide to help get you started. You’ll want to consider the labor costs and materials in your area.

Light: Condition with only paint or simple exterior cleanup needed to improve curb appeal.
Medium: May need new fixtures (plumbing and light), new tile, new tub/shower, new sinks, new paint and more. Windows and doors may also need complete replacement due to age or functionality issues.
Heavy: This is the all-in rehab where you look at everything from the “light” and “medium” levels to throwing in major items, such as foundation repair, roof replacement, replacement of appliances such as AC/Furnace, and door and window replacement.